Carbon is the energy that feeds the soil engine.

Carbon for Turf

Carbon is what makes the soil alive with energy. It is the fuel that the soil needs to grow plants.

Without a proper functioning ecosystem, life and growth cannot happen.
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Carbon is the fuel that propels the soil engine. The microbes in the soil are the workers. They have the important job of breaking down soil nutrients into plant-ready food.

In Nitrogen, the microbes process the input and process it into ammonium, Nitrite, and Nitrate. It is not until the nitrate stage that the product is usable to the plant.

Transformations must occur. Otherwise, your soil is dead and so is your grass.

Optimal soil conditions require a proper Carbon to Nitrogen ratio. With too much nitrogen, you start burning up the fuel and slowing down the microbes.
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Plants might be able to grab some of the excess fertilizers, but since they have been overworked and the chemistry is not balanced, you wind up with major deficiencies in micro nutrients.
Suddenly, you have "dead soil."




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  • Carbon is what makes the soil alive with energy.
  • Carbon is the fuel that the soil needs to grow plants.

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